Nome: North
Status: Usuário
Sexo: Indisponivel
Localização: Indisponivel
Aniversário: Indisponivel
Idade: Indisponivel



i am walking like a somnambulist waiting for a secret signal, ready to go one or another way, listening into this huge white silence for the weakest signal or call. and i sit here alone and far from you and it's night and i'm reflecting on everything all around me and i am thinking of you.
i saw it in your eyes, in your love, you too are swinging towards the depths of your own being in longer and longer circles. i saw happiness and pain in your eyes and reflection of the paradises lost and regained and lost again, that terrible loneliness and happiness, yes, and i reflect upon this and i think about you, like two lonely space pilots in outer cold space, as i sit here this late night alone and i think about all this.

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