I'm a mess!
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You are my worst nightmare.


You saw me with a beautiful smile
You destroyed in seconds.
You said ''
happy endings do exist for those who deserve it, and you were not born for them.''

A sweet childish girl
Was growing and becoming so weak.
You said ''
that's not what happened, the fault is yours alone, it's your fault.''

You got me as if I were a doll, and did things that I'll never forget.
Nightmare, you my nightmare.
I submitted to a farce, I opened my eyes and it was real.
Nightmare, you is my nightmare.

Someone could hear me crying in that bathroom?
Someone could guess?
Who would give me the strength to tell, who would help me?

I still feel your hands on me
I run like a child when you're around.
You said, ''
You're going to love it as we're going to play again, you're going to cry every time.''

You brought me to a hidden place, and left me stuck in the dark.
You is my nightmare.
I couldn't find the way out and tell someone, I followed carrying this guilt.
You are my worst nightmare.

Could someone keep these thoughts to me?
As I cease to be a child and forget all that bad?

I haven't learned to handle it, there's no way to get used to it
Is it wrong that I feel hate and down every day for remembering?
I was like a child afraid of the dark, bet and see how far it was my scream ...
And no one has ever heard me cry out.

You locked me in a hell dark and dared not stop what you were doing.
Worst nightmare, my worst nightmare.
When I went back to sleep, you surfaced again in my mind.
You have become my worst nightmare.

Thank you for always come back, you love playing ...

I will not hold for long, it's too late.

✩ ✩ ✩ You're a little late
I'm already torn :)✩ ✩ ✩

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