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Nome: +自我中心
Status: Usuário
Sexo: Masculino
Localização: Porto Feliz, São Paulo, Brasil
Aniversário: 12 de Agosto

.sigyn; [figures of norse mythology; seven].


sigyn is a goddess and the wife of loki. the gods were not content to simply punish her husband for balder’s death. as loki was taken to a cave deep underground, they extended their anger toward sigyn’s two sons, vali and narvi. vali was turned into a wolf and attacked his brother, ripping him apart. afterwards, the gods used narvi’s entrails to bind loki to three large boulders as a venomous serpent was fastened to a rock above his head. sigyn remained loyal to loki, protecting him from the snake’s venom by catching it in a bowl. however, when the bowl is filled, she must leave him to empty it. the venom that falls on loki’s face causes him to twist in pain, creating earthquakes. sigyn will stay by her husband’s side until ragnarok.

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