Ser humano
Nome: Unicornio dos koreia
Status: Usuário
Sexo: Feminino
Localização: Salvador, Bahia, Brasil
Aniversário: 29 de Outubro



“ the realms of day and night,
two different worlds coming
from two opposite poles
mingle during this time. ”

“ my parents’ house made up one realm,
mother and father, love and strictness,
model behaviour, and school. ”

“ fissures and rents
grow together again,
heal and are forgotten.
but in the most secret recesses
they continue to live and bleed.”

“ there are numerous ways
in which god can make us lonely
and lead us back to ourselves. ”

“ the other realm however,
overlapping half our house,
was completely different ;
it smelled different,
spoke a different language,
promised and demanded different things. ”

“ her gaze was fulfillment,
her greeting a homecoming.
silently, i stretched my hands out to her ”

“ the bird fights its way out of the egg.
the egg is the world.
who would be born must first destroy a world.
the bird flies to god.
that god’s name is abraxas.

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