Sua waifu
Nome: .\.not found%-
Status: Usuário
Sexo: Feminino
Localização: Recife, Pernambuco, Brasil
Aniversário: Indisponivel
Idade: Indisponivel




Hello haters warup
Come here for a second, question, do you know me?
Then how can you blab on like that? blah blah blah
A present for you: fuck you just kidding thank you

actually I fucking love you
hater hater ma hater hater
I fucking love you
hater hater ma hater hater (hater)
Jealous of me? I feed off your jealousy (hater)
Hate me? I gain from your hatred
you hate hate

If you want rap, I’ll keep rapping
Like being possessed by a ghost who died because it couldn’t rap
My rap will linger around you 365 days and torture you
Until I take over your brains, completely

So just quietly bob your head like a chicken head
Your face is such a turn off, I’ll chop off that chicken head
Dammit, I got blood splattered on my new sweater, laundry
Ahem, ahem, the scholar has come

Have you come to critique my lyrics?
Wanna feel like you’re on top, want me to bow to you?
Have a happy fucking new year, this time, for real, fuck you
Liars, like fluorescent material, they

Are cancerous, you’re cancerous
Are cancerous, you’re cancerous
I’ll recommend a customer insurance package for them because
They’re jealous pussy motherfucker, cancer on the breasts huh!

[...] Luv U Hater - San E.

Escutando: Uma música bacana que não sei o nome.
Lendo: Isso.
Bebendo: Iogurte.

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