Haha, this is about u, ily
Nome: ❝Marshmallow❞
Status: Usuário
Sexo: Feminino
Localização: Registro, São Paulo, Brasil
Aniversário: 22 de Junho




Why so ?!
I did not want that ...
And I bet you do not want it ...
But ... It would make sense to start here ...
Let's start from the beginning really ...
When all this ... It was just ... a friendship ... Innocent!
A boy from a difficult past ...
But now they had a happy life.
A happy girl ... ... Maybe?
Nobody knows for sure.
The "Hi" him,
The "Hello" from his
A friendship born
Along with a love ... Junk ...
Or not?
Who knows.
He always saw her as just a friend.
She always saw him as something more
The discovery of this love for him was something that happened accidentally
Tell a friend and have that word spread
See your best friend turn loving competitor
Tears became part of his life
The girl crying every night ...
But still smiling
Thinking that the next day ...
I would hope ...
Their hope is in love with her ...
Is that possible?
Many questions arose ...
He was playing with her?
Or do everything you knows?
But ... Realize what?
We do not know...
She wants to know!
Learn everything!

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