Nome: 爭論.× victor.
Status: Usuário
Sexo: Masculino
Localização: Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Aniversário: 18 de Dezembro



"Kenway!" — breathlessly exclaimed.
"Yeah?" — He answered without paying attention to the lass.
"It's a raining outside, you know..." — haltingly, the girl's eyes as black as the sky, said.
"Exactly. And?" — The man replied without taking his eyes of the important papers in front of him.
"So, why you still here? You lost your hopes?" — With a little more confidence, the lass asked, hoping the man's gaze hit her.
"The only thing I have not lost so far, are my hopes. You should not be here too, Elizabeth. Come on, we will recover our treasure." — He talked determinately with his Welsh accent, making Elizabeth shiver, and his eyes shine in happiness.

It is a new adventure coming.

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